What Is Perks Barrel?

A:Perks Barrel is an online service which features the latest promos, sales, and discounts in the Philippines. Our site features promotions from mall-wide sales, boutique discounts, restaurant promos, and many more! Our aim is to provide users with hassle-free hunting of the most recent promotions of business establishments to save their hard-earned money. No need to download any vouchers! Just visit the site to be informed of what’s the latest promo in your favorite mall or restaurant, and you’re good to go! Perks Barrel, the simplest way to save.

Is this service for free?

A: Yes, it’s absolutely free! Perks Barrel is all about providing its users with information regarding the latest promotions by business establishments, thus there’s no need for any sort of payment.

How do I avail of the promos?

A: Just visit the website, select the promo that you are interested in, read the details of the promo, and you’re good to go! No need to download any voucher; just visit, read, and shop!

How do I post a promo on the website?

A: Just visit the website, click on Post a Promo, fill up the necessary information regarding your ad (title, validity period, photos, etc). A website/Facebook link proving the existence of such a promo shall also be provided with the information. Upon verification that the ad is “radio friendly” (around 24 hours upon application), the ad will be posted on the website. It’s that easy!

How do I report inappropriate or bogus promos?

A: Our website features a “report content” button. This is to protect both buyers and business owners from fake advertisements being posted on the website. The feature may also be used to report wrong information regarding the ad, or inappropriate content featured in the ad.